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Annual audit

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On track with octant in the annual audit
Continuously on track with oktant

Digital auditing for auditors and clients

oktant reinvents the audit: With oktant you can guide your client on the way to a continuous and digital audit. Automated data updates instead of manual data imports and standardised audit procedures allow the auditor to focus on the essentials. This saves time and effort. Decisive audit procedures, data analyses, key figures and reports are already included as a standard.

With oktant, the audit becomes more up-to-date, more relevant and efficient. The collaboration with your client enters a new dimension – digital, system-independent, via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Gregor Teipel, Wirtschaftsprüfer und Partner HLB Sr. Stückmann und Partner mbB
„oktant improves the collaboration with our clients: The direct and daily updated access for clients to important standard reports and key figures of their company ensures that the client also benefits directly from the use of oktant.”
Gregor Teipel, Certified Public Accountant and Partner HLB Sr. Stückmann und Partner mbB
On track for the annual audit with oktant

Continually, daily updated, reliable: Who wins in the digital annual audit?

oktant reinvents the final audit – from punctual consideration to continuous audit. This means that you and your clients are able to clarify any anomalies at an early stage during the current financial year. Thus, it is possible to make forecasts; changes afterwards are finally eliminated.

Your advantages of the digital audit with oktant

For you and your clients
  • Continuous audit and review during the current financial year and no longer after the end of the financial year
  • Easier cooperation between auditor and client
  • A reduction and distribution of expenses over time
  • Providing information quickly and clarifying facts
For auditors
  • Automated data import via interfaces
  • Data is constantly updated and checked for quality
  • Issues that require investigation can be reviewed shortly after they have been processed
  • Automation of audit procedures
  • Efforts can be better balanced and are easier to plan
For your clients
  • Client-specific audit parameters and frequencies
  • More transparency for the business development
  • Summary of reliable insights from the accounting system
  • Prompt clarification of conspicuous accounting entries
  • Reduction of peaks for accounting staff
Sailboats as a symbol for holding the course during the annual audit with oktant

Overview: Functional range of digital auditing with oktant

More than 40 audit procedures and analyses on
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Creditors Accounting
  • Regularity of the accounts
  • Assets Accounting
  • Sales revenues
  • a. o.
More than 30 key figures and KPIs as well as versatile reports on
  • Financial position
  • Operation
  • Business dynamics
  • Results of Operations
  • Financial position
  • Balance sheet, income statement, totals and balances, etc.

Audit procedures, analyses, key figures and reports

Auditors work with the module oktant audit and provide their clients with all information about the latest business situation via oktant enterprise access App.

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