Audit software with an integrated tool for data analyses

Easy handling makes auditors independent

With the cloud-based audit software oktant audit, you profit from standardised data analyses in a self-service format. Having the data processing and data evaluation integrated into the software promises an efficient way of working, higher quality, security, a higher level of control, and thus additionally a lower vulnerability to risks.

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Zufriedenes Arbeiten mit der Wirtschaftsprüfer Software oktant audit
Using the audit software oktant audit makes work easier!

oktant audit: the module for auditors

What is oktant audit?

oktant audit is a cloud-based software solution for data analyses needed throughout the annual audit, including the service of data import possibilities and the data processing. It enables auditors to carry out high quality data analyses by themselves, in a contemporary manner and without previous IT knowledge.

Who is oktant audit for?

Auditors that look after clients with different ERP systems and want to carry out data analyses on their own, without needing prior IT knowledge. Meanwhile, their main focus lies on the data analysis, instead of data imports or data processing.

Which benefits does it offer?

In comparison to other programs, such as IDEA, DATEV ACL comfort and Excel, which only offer the possibility to import and export GDPdU-data, oktant audit also offers interfaces to different ERP systems and thus makes looking after clients with different ERP systems significantly easier and more flexible. Due to the capacity to process large amounts of data, oktant audit paves the way to a full audit and simultaneously minimizes the risk of errors.

Unique selling point?

The solution convinces through a high level of user-friendliness and relevant data visualisations, which enable a high level of control. It combines the solution and service and offers the possibility of continuous auditing as an additional feature.

Felicitas Kellermann über Continuous Auditing mit der Cloudsoftware oktant
„Companies are becoming increasingly digital and agile. The audit of financial statements must not lag behind this development. A continuous audit with oktant is the cornerstone for this: the continuous exchange between the auditor and the audited company makes it possible to deal with issues in an agile manner during the year. Peak loads at the end of the year can be avoided on both sides.”
Felicitas Kellermann, IT Consultant at dhpg
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How you as an auditor can profit from oktant audit:​

oktant audit guarantees qualitative and contemporary real-time controlling and less proneness to errors (e.g. with False Positives)! Automated analyses and stanardised processes based on Business Intelligence will support you reliably with over 40 audit procedures.

Digital annual audit: more efficient, safer & more transparent

With Business Intelligence, valid real-time data will be available fully throughout the whole year: standardised interfaces transfer new data to auditors on a daily basis, making big one-time data imports obsolete, while reducing working peaks & manual work.


Reliable audit software for independently generated data analyses

In comparison to other known software-tools that are able to analyse large amounts of data, oktant helps you to work completely independent!

The biggest advantage: You can perform data analyses on your own and do not have to consult external data analysts. With oktant you examine your data 100 % independently!

  • Automated data updates instead of manual data imports
  • Standardized audit procedures for quality assurance
  • Relevant data analysis, key figures & reports
  • Reliable current real-time data
  • Automatic consolidation & homogenization of all data
  • System & device independent functionalities
  • Saving of time & manual intermediate steps
  • User-friendly and easy operability
Overdue analyses using Power BI vs Excel
Produce overdue analyses faster & clearer with oktant.

Happy Client, happy Auditor

Benefit for your clients: If you as an auditor work with our cloud-based software, you simultaneously provide your clients with relevant information on current business developments via the oktant enterprise access app. Through this, you give clients the chance to react to anomalies at an early stage:

Happy clients = happy auditors.

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Automatische-Schichtung-Debitorensalden mit Software für Wirtschaftsprüfer
Clear dashboards make the auditing software user-friendly & quickly provide clarity.

The time of end-of-year auditing is over: Contemporary real-time controlling with continuous auditing

Das sind die wichtigsten Funktionen, die Sie bei der Abschlussprüfung unterstützen!

This is what makes the audit software as efficient!

Both auditors and clients benefit from the year-round digital audit: Continuous Auditing through Business Intelligence is accompanied by automatic quality assurance and process optimization, which could not be guaranteed through the end-of-year auditing!

Now it is possible for both you and your client to clarify anomalies at an early stage during the current fiscal year and to create forecasts.

Gregor Teipel, Wirtschaftsprüfer und Partner HLB Sr. Stückmann und Partner mbB
„oktant improves the cooperation with our clients in the context of digital auditing: The direct and daily updated access for clients to important standard reports and key figures of their company ensures that the client also benefits directly from the use of oktant.”
Gregor Teipel, Certified Public Accountant and Partner HLB Sr. Stückmann und Partner mbB

The most important functions of the audit software oktant audit

More than 40 auditing processes and analyses about

  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Regularity of accounting
  • Fixed assets
  • Revenues
  • a.o.

More than 30 key figures and KPIs, as well as versatile reports on

  • Asset situation
  • Operations
  • Business dynamics
  • Profitability
  • Financial position
  • Balance sheet, income statement, account balances, a.o.
  • Automated data import from various ERP systems
  • Automated data merging, selection & analysis
  • KI-based anomalie recognition
  • Seperate accesses for auditors and clients

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