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oktant audit, enterprise access & oktant finance

You want to do your annual audit digitally, in a modern and comfortable way – without the usual efforts and with daily updated figures that show anomalies immediately? Continuous Auditing with oktant makes it possible for both auditors and internal auditors!

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Sailboat symbolizes staying on course in the sea of data
With oktant full steam ahead

oktant: Continuous digital annual audit and internal audit

Efficient auditing for small and medium-sized enterprises

Whether for auditors and their clients or for companies – the intelligent modules of the digital solution for successful annual audits and internal audits make continuous auditing, analyses, controls and monitoring possible for the first time based on Microsoft Power BI and Power Apps.

The oktant finance module is used for internal auditing in companies. In addition to risk analysis, you can also use it to overview and evaluate the topics P&L, balance sheet and current postings.

Auditors work with the module oktant audit on the continuous auditing of their clients’ financial statements and provide them with all information on the balance sheet, business dynamics or profitability via oktant enterprise access.

Table Function overview oktant revision software
Table function overview oktant
Dr. Andreas Blum dhpg and oktant
„oktant takes auditing into a new dimension and makes it more up-to-date, meaningful and efficient. The annual financial statements are monitored continuously throughout the year so that trends, forecasts and anomalies are quickly identified. This saves time and effort.”
Prof. Dr. Andreas Blum Auditor, tax consultant and dhpg partner
Cutout sailboat symbolizes keeping course in the sea of data

oktant audit: The module for auditors and their clients

For auditors, oktant audit is the optimal solution for the continuous digital auditing of their clients’ annual financial statements.

A large number of partly automated audit procedures such as the principles of proper accounting, risk analyses, detection of anomalies and forecasts etc. are already included as standard and can be individually selected and planned for each audit assignment.

Interfaces to all common ERP-systems (SAP, Navision / Business Central, DATEV etc.) ensure uncomplicated and simple import of client data and keep it up-to-date on a daily basis.

For transparent collaboration, the included sub-module oktant enterprise access provides the client with all important information such as key figures, KPIs and relevant reports in one app.

Included components:

oktant audit for the external auditor

  • Set up clients, audit engagements and audit tasks
  • Setting up audit teams with different roles
  • Over 40 standardised and partly automated audit procedures
  • Interactive analyses and reports

oktant enterprise access for the client

  • Dashboards with key figures for optimal monitoring, KPIs and reports
  • Notifications about new information
  • Overview of the company development

A win-win situation for both sides in the annual audit

Accompany your client with oktant on the way to continuous digital auditing and increase its efficiency, topicality and significance.

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Cutout sailboat symbolizes keeping course in the sea of data

oktant finance: The module for companies

With oktant finance, companies themselves have the opportunity to carry out their internal audit continuously and thus prepare the annual audit / annual financial statement analysis.

The appropriate functions for audits in accounting, such as proper bookkeeping, risk analyses, detection of anomalies and forecasts are already included as standard and can be evaluated in various analyses and reports.

As with oktant audit, standardised interfaces to common ERP-systems (SAP, Navision / Business Central, DATEV) make it possible to import financial data easily and keep it up-to-date. This gives auditors unlimited access to their real-time data.

oktant finance for companies

  • Set up analysis engangements and tasks
  • Composition of audit teams with different roles
  • Over 40 standardised and partly automated analyses
  • Interactive analysis and reports

A benefit for the company’s internal audit department

Set sail with oktant on the way to digital continuous internal auditing and increase its efficiency, topicality and significance.

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Cutout sailboat symbolizes keeping course in the sea of data

More than 40 audit procedures and analyses

Accounts receivable
  • Age structure analysis
  • Layering of open receivables and customer balances
  • Duplicate invoices
  • Conspicuous receivables
  • Multiple assignment of number / name / address
Accounts payable
  • Age structure analysis
  • Duplicate invoices
  • Multiple assignment of number / name / address / bank account
  • Conspicuous claims
  • Real-time booking
  • Authorisation of bookings
  • Digit analysis / Benford test
  • Analysis of posting and control keys
  • Difference in posting amounts to accounts
  • Conspicuous features in depreciation or bank amounts, receivables, liabilities, etc.
Fixed asset accounting
  • Analysis of additions / disposals as well as depreciation types and transfers
  • Conspicuous amounts
  • Review of straight-line depreciation
Revenues and other
  • Manual bookings
  • Conspicuous amounts (also for inventories)
  • Analysis cancellation / credit notes
  • Personnel: conspicuous expenses
  • Value added tax: stratification of input tax, manual postings and tax accounts

More than 30 key figures and KPIs as well as versatile reports

Asset position
  • Balance sheet total
  • capitalisation ratio, inventory intensity and intensity of receivables
Operation business
  • Inventory level (months)
  • Debtor and creditor target (months)
  • Value added ratio ( I & II )
Business dynamics
  • Sales revenues, total operating performance, and gross profit (incl. changes)
  • Costs of materials and ratio
  • Personnel expenses and ratio
Income position
  • Annual and financial result
  • Overall return
Financial position
  • Equity and debt ratio
  • Working capital
  • (Cash)-Interest-Cover-Ratio
Reports and analyses
  • Balance sheet
  • Income sheet
  • SuSa

Technical components of oktant

oktant analytics
Here the selected audit procedures are carried out in real time on the databases.
oktant data connect
This is where the connection of the source data systems takes place. The connector is a standard component and does not require opening the firewall.
oktant data lake
Here, the original data from the different source systems are homogenised on the basis of rules and regulations and octant analytics are provided as the data basis.

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