Continuous Auditing: Digital Auditing & Internal Audit

Successful Digitalization of the Annual Audit

Continuously on course in the sea of data: Looking at your data retrospectively was yesterday: Now, thanks to “Continuous Auditing“, you benefit from the continuous auditing process and increase the quality and efficiency of your analyses!

Autorisierung von Buchungen mit Cloudsoftware oktant
Authorization of bookings within the framework of continuous auditing

Both auditors and companies benefit from:

  • daily updated & all year round retrievable figures
  • data consolidation from different ERP systems
  • the prompt recognition of conspicuous facts & deviations
  • the possibility to react at an early stage based on this
  • reliable information basis
  • user-friendly operability of the cloud software
Andreas Poehlmann, WP StB
„The continuous audit process can be an interesting option for the auditing profession and its clients. The IDW monitors the developments closely and joins the discussion on the use of the procedure in practice.”
Andreas Poehlmann, WP StB, Head of Digital Services at the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany e.V. (IDW)

Standardized audit procedures

Die Cloudsoftware oktant kurz erklärt: Das sind die Vorteile für Wirtschaftsprüfer & Revisoren!

Analyses, Key Figures, KPIs and Reports

oktant offers more than 40 standardized audit procedures & analyses for continuous auditing, more than 30 key performance indicators and versatile reports for successful corporate management. Based on Business Intelligence, oktant enables auditors and companies to perform continuous, transparent and automated year-end audits and internal audits.

>> Modules and functions

Digitalisation enables flexible work on PC, tablet or smartphone!

Fast & easy
Start in your browser no matter which device you are using
Just a few clicks
Import data from any ERP system
Continuous and up-to-date
Trends, forecasts & anomalies at a glance
Automated & interactive
Audit procedures, key figures, analyses

Take your annual audit / internal audit to the next level with Business Intelligence!

Get started quickly

Start using oktant in the digital audit / revision – system independent and with any device such as PC, tablet or smartphone.

Flexibel integration

The relevant data from any ERP system is transferred and standardised in a simple way. The integration of data sources has to be done only once.

Constantly on track

In opposite to a selective approach, the annual financial report / internal audit with oktant will be continuously monitored over the entire year. Trends, forecasts and anomalies can be quickly identified and actions can be taken in good time.

Auditing at all levels

oktant includes more than 40 standardised audit procedures, 30 KPIs and numerous standard reports. The interactive analysis options increase the informative value and enable more extensive insights.

Segelboot als Sinnbild für Kurshalten mit oktant im Datenmeer

Digital auditing for auditors

With oktant, the audit of financial statements gains in timeliness, informative value and efficiency. By switching from a past-oriented to a continuous view, audit durations can be shortened considerably, time expenditures can be distributed evenly and risk analyses can be assessed in advance.
It is also possible for the client to clarify anomalies at an early stage during the current financial year and not to have to change the result retrospectively.

>> Continuous Auditing with oktant

Digitalisation of auditing: Your advantages

  • Better communication between you and your client
  • Continuously updating the data
  • Automation of audit procedures
  • Simple data analysis (import/export, data cleaning)
  • Standardised data management and continuous data quality checking
  • Transparency for the company’s development
Trenner_Segelboot als Sinnbild für Kurshalten mit oktant

Digital internal revision for companies

oktant opens a new chapter in internal auditing: Continuously conducted analyses help you to keep an eye on your company’s development at any time and enables you to digitalise audit assignments. Relevant analyses, key figures and reports are already available to you as a standard feature.

The automated data update replaces manual data imports. Standardised analyses help the auditor to focus on the main issues, saving both time and resources.

With oktant, the internal audit gains in actuality, informative value and efficiency. Latest data always leads to a reliable information base, which allows the entrepreneur to make faster and more informed decisions.

>> Continuous financial Auditing with oktant

Andreas Lau synalis oktant Bonn
„Anyone who wants to know whether the company’s internal quality controls and continuous analyses are based on reliable business data is well advised to use oktant. Due to the constant monitoring over the whole year, the quality and validity of the data is the main focus and guarantees the latest overview all the time.”
Andreas Lau, Geschäftsführer synalis GmbH & Co. KG

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