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Beitrag vom 10/12/2020

Almost everyone who deals with the field of controlling and data analysis has probably stumbled across the topic of Power BI at some point recently. He probably asked himself whether this is just another solution for the visualisation of business data or whether there is really something innovative behind it.

In fact, it is really something new, because Power BI enables business users (controllers, financiers, planners, etc.) to independently create comprehensive analyses and reports. They can make these available to other people online and with the latest data. A large number of common ERP and database systems provide data sources that are connected to Power BI via ready-made connectors and always supply the reports and analyses with the latest data and information.

DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) is a simple and understandable language for carrying out the necessary calculations in the context of the analyses; its application is strongly reminiscent of Microsoft Excel. The results are presented on dashboards in which the report recipients can interact and analyse the data independently. Users can access the reports easily via browser or app on tablets and smartphones.

oktant uses Power BI technology to analyse and prepare data, and applies it in a standardised professional context. In this way, the extensive data from a wide range of ERP systems can be summarised and analysed in key figure dashboards and dynamic standard reports within a short time.


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