Business intelligence software for digital financial analysis

Year-round controlling – also for internal audit

With the cloud software oktant finance you play it safe with your finances: Your company finally has the possibility to continuously perform financial analyses (also within the scope of internal auditing), because all figures are available to you at any time thanks to Business Intelligence:

Based on daily retrievable real-time data, the year-round view in the form of continuous auditing also supports you in keeping an optimal eye on your financial situation! Standardized reports, daily updates and the redundancy of manually created reports put you in the optimal position for efficient controlling!

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On course for digital financial analysis with real-time controlling

Digital Financial Analysis, Process Security & Controlling

With oktant finance you smartly combine your internal audit tasks with internal controlling and reliable risk assessment! Business Intelligence (BI) gives you an optimal overview of your financial figures with valid real-time data and meaningful dashboards and supports you efficiently in risk management.

User-friendly, reliable, fast: Controlling made easy

Incorrect bookings, erroneous data or incorrect assessments can be recognized and avoided with this controlling software without having to demonstrate a lot of technical background knowledge, as the solution is very user-friendly and clearly designed.

With the cloud software, your company does not receive financial figures on demand or quarterly, but at any time with a click: By performing audits for the digital annual financial statements while simultaneously controlling the process analyses, you ensure process reliability and obtain the optimal basis for business decisions.

Mit der Software für Revision und Wirtschaftsprüfung Umsatzerlöse und auffällige Beträge erkennen
With the Business Intelligence software, you identify potential risks throughout the year – and can react immediately!
„Only with up-to-date BI software can companies be controlled in a timely manner. ”

New concept: Controlling with BI & Continuous Auditing

Automation, Standardization, Centralization for Financial Internal Audit

What’s new? How do you profit?

Continuous Auditing makes it possible for the first time to view your company’s development in figures over the entire year: Conventional auditing software works with downstream data analyses, because the internal audit or the audit of the financial statements is also only carried out retrospectively.

Automated data updates allow you to prepare standardized audit procedures of the internal audit already during the year and to control your finance and accounting constantly & centrally. oktant finance combines financial audit and controlling: The software is not only used for process audits, but also for the early identification of negative trends, conspicuities and risks in order to quickly create a catalog of measures accordingly.

Auffaellige sonstige Aufwendungen Anomalieerkennung mit oktant
The detection of anomalies & negative trends is reliably AI-supported!

Check, control, react

The sooner you identify negative trends on your dashboard, the sooner you can react to them with recommendations for action – and turn the tide before economic damage has been done. Used as risk management software, the greatest advantage of companies is to be able to call up the data of the company’s development at any time in order to be able to take action in parallel in the event of anomalies!

Conclusion: While with external annual audits incorrect bookings etc. are recorded and communicated afterwards, so that you can only react afterwards / after the profitability has been affected, companies are always able to react immediately with oktant finance for internal auditing and financial analysis due to the year-round controlling option!

Ziffernanalyse nach Benford mit der BI-Controlling-Software oktant
Benford’s digit analysis is used to check whether the totality of the amounts of all subject items corresponds to a Benford distribution. Benford’s law states that amounts with small leading digits occur more frequently than amounts with high leading digits.

For whom is the BI software suitable?

oktant finance supports medium-sized and large SMEs by offering the possibility of daily evaluation and audit processes in the area of finance & controlling as well as preparation for the internal audit.

  • Managers gain a good data overview with just a few clicks,
  • Those responsible for finance & controlling gain transparency and a homogenized consolidation of all financial data in one central location,
  • Thanks to continuous auditing, internal auditors can prepare audit procedures during the year.
Revisionssoftware oktant Analysezugänge
Contemporary & convenient: financial analyses, controlling & audit preparation with the business intelligence software
Andreas Lau synalis oktant Bonn
„If you want to know that your internal quality controls and continuous analyses are based on reliable business data, you are well advised to use oktant. The quality and correctness of the data are in focus due to the constant check throughout the year and guarantee an up-to-date overview at any time.”
Andreas Lau, Managing Director synalis GmbH & Co. KG
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Full transparency, risk assessment & number control for the right business decisions

Profit for stakeholders & management, controlling and internal audit

Interactive and visually presented analyses give you an overall view of your company.

  • Reliable, current & ERP system-independent figures
  • Time and device-independent accessibility of dashboards thanks to cloud
  • Automated data imports via interfaces
  • Fast detection of anomalies, risk potentials and fraudulent activities
  • Continuous monitoring of the company’s development
  • Data basis for well-founded corporate decisions & process optimizations
  • Quality assurance through standardized processes
  • Central data storage, especially advantageous for corporate groups with several companies and locations
  • Definition and automation of audit procedures for continuous monitoring of areas or processes
  • Intelligent support for open audit requests
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These Business Intelligence functions simplify financial analysis & controlling!

More than 40 audit procedures and analyses on
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Creditors Accounting
  • Regularity of the accounts
  • Assets Accounting
  • Sales revenues
  • a. o.
More than 30 key figures and KPIs as well as versatile reports on
  • Financial position
  • Operation
  • Business dynamics
  • Results of Operations
  • Financial position
  • Balance sheet, income statement, totals and balances, etc.

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