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The new audit software for digital financial analysis

Innovative revision programme for year-round analyses

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Get there digitally with the cloud software oktant

User-friendly, reliable, fast: Digital internal audit

With this auditing software you have all information in view

The cloud software oktant finance supports you purposefully in planning and preparing your annual financial statements and makes your internal audit completely digital and efficient.

Identify revenue and abnormal amounts with audit and assurance software
Identify conspicuous amounts throughout the year with the audit software

New: Revision software for the whole year

What is new? Conventional auditing software works with retrospective observations and data analyses: your personnel efforts increase immensely in these phases and you only recognise deviations and ambiguities after a long delay – quick reactions are impossible and timely decisions for improvement are prevented in this model.

More security, more transparency, less effort

Not so with oktant: with this user-friendly auditing software you have a daily overview of all ERP system-independent figures, which gives your company more capacity to act, flexibility and efficiency!
Continuous financial analyses and automated data updates effectively help you to keep an eye on your company’s development at all times and to make secure, well-founded decisions!

For whom is the cloud software suitable?

oktant finance not only supports you in the preparation of your annual financial statements – continuous analyses and automated data updates help you to keep an eye on your company development at all times and to make solid, well-founded decisions.

Decisive analyses, key figures and reports are already available as standards – any time, on your PC, tablet or smartphone. No matter whether internal auditor, management or person responsible for finance and controlling; oktant supports the assessment and audit processes as well as the cooperation between responsible persons continuously and on an ongoing basis. This also means:

  • for the management: less effort and more overview
  • for the internal auditor: up-to-dateness, informative value and efficiency
  • for those responsible for finance and (group) controlling: all financial data centrally in one place.
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„Anyone who wants to know whether the company’s internal quality controls and continuous analyses are based on reliable business data is well advised to use oktant. Due to the constant monitoring over the whole year, the quality and validity of the data is the main focus and guarantees the latest overview all the time.”
Andreas Lau, Geschäftsführer synalis GmbH & Co. KG
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Benefit from a better overview, more security & full transparency

A win-win for all stakeholders

Reliable and up-to-date figures are directly available – on any device, at any time. Irregularities and anomalies are detected and reported. Supplemented by active assistance on what to check and with included standard checks, the annual financial statement becomes a win-win for everyone involved.

Open a new chapter in internal auditing and in annual financial statements with oktant – check your accounting processes and procedures continuously with up-to-date data. In this way, you will be able to detect abnormalities, potential risks or delinquent actions at an early stage and can react immediately.

For the management

oktant supports you not only in preparation for the annual financial statement and cooperation with all stakeholders. Interactive and visually prepared analyses enable you to get an overall view of your company.

  • Everything at a glance: Understandable and easy-to-follow figures provide transparency in terms of company development
  • Summarised and reliable accounting insights are available immediatly
  • Creation of a basis for safe and well-founded decisions and more efficient processes
  • Quality assurance through standardised processes and real-time detection of anomalies
  • Cost and effort reduction of the annual audit and internal audit.

For Finance and (Group) Controlling Officers (CFO)

oktant supports the comprehensive controlling of your corporate finances and your area of responsibility through the four pillarsCentralisation, Automation, Standardisation and Business Intelligence.

  • Centralised data management (also for corporate groups with several companies and locations)
  • Centralised information management
  • All clients (companies) at a glance: Even when using different ERP systems, one retains an overview of the entire financial situation

For the internal auditor

Audit activities are accelerated and improved so that you can optimise your area of responsibility in a company-oriented manner. Manual efforts and errors are minimised. Planning, preparation, execution as well as documentation, reporting and the issuing of recommendations for action are actively supported. The basis for this are:

  • Automated data import via interfaces
  • Continuous updating of the data to be analysed and its quality
  • Assessable facts can be analysed directly after their processing
  • Definition and automation of audit procedures for continuous monitoring of areas or processes
  • Interactive data analysis and reports
  • Intelligent assistance on what to audit
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These are the features that make oktant stand out!

More than 40 audit procedures and analyses on
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Creditors Accounting
  • Regularity of the accounts
  • Assets Accounting
  • Sales revenues
  • a. o.
More than 30 key figures and KPIs as well as versatile reports on
  • Financial position
  • Operation
  • Business dynamics
  • Results of Operations
  • Financial position
  • Balance sheet, income statement, totals and balances, etc.

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