Accounts payable and the multiple allocation of bank accounts

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oktant software accounts payable and the multiple allocation of bank accounts
ID: 3.004
Check field: 03 – Accounts payable
Name: Multiple allocation of bank details
Problem: The existence of multiple identical bank details can indicate that the vendor master data has not been properly maintained and thus provides indications of potential fraud and error.
Description: This audit analysis examines whether there are multiple allocations in the bank details of the creditors listed in the master data.
Combination with audit procedures: This audit procedure can be used as a functional test for the internal control system in the accounts payable area and should therefore be combined with the corresponding system audit.
Savings potential main audit: If it can be proven in the course of the year that this audit action does not lead to any relevant facts, this speaks – as far as the audit action reaches – for the absence of fraudulent actions.
Additional explanation: The subject area of “fraud” is fundamentally problematic for the auditor and also the internal audit of a company to grasp. Therefore, it is important to gather a variety of partial findings that allow an assessment. In particular, the misappropriation of significant financial resources is regularly accompanied by falsified accounts payable master data, so that an essential building block for the auditor is developed with this audit action.


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