Accounts Receivable and Open Receivables

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Audit procedures with oktant

ID: 1.002
Check field: 01 – Accounts receivable accounting
Name: Stratification of open claims
Status reason: Active
Problem: While the last audit action presented (age structure analysis) focuses on the identification of individual receivables, the stratification of individual receivables serves to obtain an overall view as part of the digitalisation of accounting and auditing.
Description: Within the scope of this audit action/analysis, all open receivables are grouped in layers with regard to the amount. The parameter to be determined is materiality, i.e. the amount that the residual amount should exceed. Materiality refers to the absolute amount.
Combination with audit procedures: As with the age structure analysis, this report provides the auditor with an overview of the debtors and their structure. The report is also used for risk analysis and the ongoing audit of the internal control system.
Savings potential of the main audit: If the result of this audit procedure shows that the ICS of the company to be audited comprises size-dependent and thus appropriately differentiated process steps, this can be used as a dual purpose test to gain audit assurance and reduce the audit procedures during the main audit.
Credits: By means of this overview information, analytical considerations of potential risks in the receivables portfolio are indispensable as part of the continuous audit of financial statements.


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