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Beitrag vom 21/06/2021

3 Questions about octant to Andreas Lau / Part 2

1) Is the development of oktant due to a spontaneous intuition or is it based on the strategic compilation of customer requirements?

The idea for the development of oktant had two starting points: On the one hand, auditors have been dealing with the question of how to improve the quality and efficiency of the audit process for a long time and what role digitalisation technologies can play in this. The second starting point was the availability of modern data logistics and analysis technologies in the cloud for the first time, which made the realisation of a standardised audit and analysis solution like oktant, which is aimed at medium-sized audit firms and companies, possible in the first place.

2) To what extent does oktant avoid sources of error that could still occur more frequently with the point-by-point approach?

The standardised audit procedures themselves reduce the susceptibility to errors in the interpretation of data. In addition, they look the same regardless of the client’s source system and are absolutely clear, so that the auditor has essential details and all deviations immediately in view. Sophisticated audit mechanisms and the structured audit organisation with due date and status display round off the security mechanisms. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

3) Are there already new KPIs or functionalities you are working on?

We are constantly working on expanding the audit procedures. We also regularly ask for feedback, which helps us to develop new functionalities. Last but not least, the community has the opportunity to actively shape the development process via our community portal and to make and evaluate suggestions.


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